Coronavirus and „Advice in Crisis“

As we all know and may see around us, the outbreak of the novel coronavirus affected not only health and social life around us, but also the economy. Closed restaurants and shops, shutdowns of large enterprises, as well as cancelled cultural and sports events remind us of this every day.

Consequently, the turnover of some well-established and well-functioning firms – either immediately as a result of emergency measures or as a result of lack of material and human resources or decline in demand – dropped to zero and the firms got into red numbers.

Since we are entrepreneurs ourselves and know that ensuring the continuation of the company’s activities in such a situation requires not only a great deal of effort, adaptability and innovation, but also a considerable costs to overcome a difficult period, we would like to offer you a helping hand in this situation.

Therefore, we wondered how we – as lawyers – can help, at least in part, to those affected by COVID-19 economically. Although various government support programs have already been launched, legal entities still remain rather ignored, and the target group of these measures are the self-employed (the Ministry of Finance rescue program “Twenty-five”) or employees (nursing). For that reason, we have decided to direct our assistance to entrepreneurs – legal entities for whom we have prepared our own program „Advice in Crisis“. As part of this program, we will provide entrepreneurs with legal advice in the total scope (collectively for all applicants) of up to 50 hours of legal services pro bono (free of charge). We believe that individual counselling is more beneficial and takes better account of the specific circumstances of the case than if, for example, we offered free download of various model contracts.

How will the “Advice in Crisis” program work?

  • The program is open to all clients (both existing and new) who will in the period up to 31 May 2020 need legal assistance in connection with the impact of COVID-19 on their business.
  • The number of free legal services is limited to a maximum of 5 hours per entrepreneur so that at least 10 legal entities can benefit from the program.
  • The program is intended to entrepreneurs – legal entities.
  • Legal assistance will be provided on the principle “first come, first served”, until the full 50 hours of legal service is reached or until the program ends.
  • Legal assistance will be provided especially in the following areas of law: corporate law, M&A, contract law, labour law, administrative law, insolvency and execution, real estate law, criminal law.
  • We cannot provide legal assistance to those applicants, where would be conflict of interests on our part; the applicants concerned will of course be informed about this.
  • We will, of course, maintain confidentiality in respect of the services provided, and we may disclose details of individual clients / cases only with the prior consent of the client concerned.
  • Any new client wishing to take advantage of the “Advice in Crisis” program shall conclude an Agreement on Provision of Legal Services under the “Advice in Crisis” Program with us, which contains detailed terms and conditions for the provision of legal services. However, the Agreement does not oblige the client to use our services in the future, and concerns solely provision of the services under this program.
  • If it becomes apparent before the provision of legal services / we find out during the provision of legal services, that the required legal assistance will likely exceed a maximum of 5 hours reserved for one client, we will immediately inform the client of this. If the client still wishes us to provide legal assistance, the payment of such services beyond the free hours will be agreed with the client in writing.


How to apply for legal assistance for free?

Send us an e-mail, write „Advice in Crisis“ in the subject of the message, and describe your problem and enter a question, or use the questionnaire form below on this page.

We are looking forward to your inquiries and believe that our help will really help your business!

Program advice in crisis

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