Services / Law of Obligations

The office of Rada & Partner provides legal advice in preparation of contracts, unilateral legal acts and assessment of existing obligations, and also of potential liability for breach of obligations. Our clients include both private individuals and companies to which we cater in their everyday business within our comprehensive legal services. Specifically, we have rich experience in:

  • drafting and/or assessing transfer contracts (sale and purchase, exchange, donation), licence agreements, contracts for work (including intangible results), loan contracts and agreements, escrow agreements, mandate agreements (such as contracts of mandate, mediation and agency agreements) and other standard contracts set out in Act No. 89/2012 Coll., the Civil Code, as well as innominate contracts
  • incorporating the applicable special provisions in contracts with consumers
  • drafting and adjusting general terms and conditions and adhesion (form) contracts so as to comply with the mandatory provisions of law
  • debt security and confirmation (e.g. collateral, guarantee, financial guaranty, security transfer of right, contractual penalty and acknowledgement of debt)
  • o exercising rights from defective performance, assessing liability for damage arising out of obligations, compensation for damage including potential contractual limitation of damages and settlement of unjust enrichment

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