Services / Corporate Law

In the field of corporate law, Rada & Partner provide usual counselling related to everyday operations of your company and compliance with administrative duties – you can thus concentrate on the actual business. Moreover, we also provide legal consultancy in specific and more complex cases which may be encountered by corporations. The law office of Rada & Partner has expertise especially in internal administration of corporations, position of the members of corporation’s elected bodies, their competence and especially liability for damage.

Our services in the fields of commercial and corporate law include especially:

  • founding corporations and branches of foreign entities
  • drafting, revising and updating foundation documents
  • preparing general meetings and meetings of other corporate bodies
  • appointing and electing (members of) corporate bodies
  • drafting agreements on performance of office executed according to Act No. 90/2012 Coll., on companies and co-operatives (the Corporations Act)
  • dealing with the issue of “concurrence of functions”
  • counselling related to liability of governing bodies for damage including potential enforcement of damages
  • increasing and decreasing the registered capital of companies
  • registration of changes in the Commercial Register and filing deeds in the collection of deeds where required by the law
  • transformations of companies, i.e. mergers, changes of legal form, de-mergers and transfers of assets to a shareholder; liquidation of companies
  • preparing analyses / opinions and providing consultancy concerning certain concepts of commercial law and their practical application

The field of corporate law underwent major changes after 1 January 2014, especially as a result of enactment of Act No. 90/2012 Coll., on companies and co-operatives (the Corporations Act), which replaced the 1991 Commercial Code. The Act brought about a number of changes in corporate law, which need to be taken into account. These range from the need to amend foundation documents or to subject the companies to the new legislation as a whole, to possible changes in the structure of joint-stock companies. The office of Rada & Partner is prepared to provide you with support in adapting to these changes – you can thus be assured there will be no changes in the actual operation of your company.

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